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Building Automation
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Building Automation

Energy efficiency, occupant comfort, cost savings, and much more can be realized by incorporating a Building Automation System (BAS).  Building automation systems improve comfort, productivity, flexibility and control, while managing operational costs, safety, and energy efficiency.  Such systems are critical as organizations work toward achieving greater social and fiscal corporate responsibility, realizing the various benefits of building automation to their facility operations.

Varying in size, scope, and function, Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc. has secured building automation system solutions for facilities large and small.  From small commercial offices to large industrial/process facilities and even specialty automation for medical, pharmaceutical facilities, pools and natatoriums, and cleanrooms, we can secure a building automation solution for your facility.

Building Automation Systems For:

Web Accessible Integration

The web accessible building automation systems we secure deliver a distributed architecture for real-time access, automation, and control of devices and systems.  Regardless of the manufacturer or protocol, the web-enabled solutions provide a common platform for easy access to building systems and controls.

Remotely access and monitor building automation systems from any internet connected device.  Monitor and control a single building, multi-building campus, or even a global network of buildings at the touch of a finger.

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