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HVAC For Data Centers
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Data Centers and Information Technology (IT)

Because of the ambient heat generated by the equipment and the need for controlled temperature and humidity environments, data centers are among the largest commercial users of electrical energy.

Energy consumption has always been a major source of concern for data center managers, and with the rising cost of energy, the need for energy efficiency at scale has become an even greater focus.

At Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc. our mechanical engineers are experienced in the design and construction of highly energy efficient data centers.

Common HVAC Design / Build Services For Data Centers

Our staff possesses vast experience working in the information technology and data center industries. Our work does not stop with the completion of construction, we are also uniquely qualified to provide complete commissioning, testing, and startup assistance for data centers.

Guaranteed Performance Results

We offer guaranteed budgets, schedules, and performance results to meet specific data center requirements.

With over 60 years of HVAC design, installation, and service experience, Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc. delivers proven energy saving solutions.

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