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Energy Audits
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With over 6 decades of mechanical contracting know-how, our experienced technicians are experts in providing effective energy audit data to analyze and determine areas for energy usage improvement.

Our energy audits that identify underperforming equipment and systems in order to develop solutions for improving performance. After performing an audit, our expertise in Energy Enhancement Solutions will put energy efficiency within reach for organizations of any size operating in a variety of industries


An energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the actual performance of a building's HVAC systems and equipment.

Compared against the designed performance level of the equipment or industry best practices, an energy audit will reveal the difference between observed performance and intended performance levels, with the difference in performance being the potential for energy and cost savings. Periodic energy audits are an ideal way to improve your facility's energy efficiency and a vital component of any facility energy management program.


If you want to improve your facilities energy consumption but have a tight budget, Request a consult today to see if an energy performance contract may be the ideal fit for you

Energy performance contracting guarantees that improvements made to your building will deliver defined energy savings over time.

With energy performance contracting, facility upgrades and retrofits are offset by the energy savings and operating cost reductions achieved, helping organizations such as educational facilities and governmental offices maintain cash flow.

Start saving money on your energy usage right away, contact us today. Or, learn about all of the convenient VDM maintenance services.

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