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HVAC Energy Audit
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Energy Enhancement Solutions

With over 6 decades of mechanical contracting know-how, our experienced technicians are experts in providing effective HVAC energy savings solutions, with a VDM energy management system.

Van Dyken Mechanical is your source of eco HVAC, or what we like to call “green HVAC”. We work with many LEED Certified buildings. We can perform detailed energy audits that identify underperforming equipment and systems. We have performance contracts that guarantee that your facility improvements will deliver defined energy savings over time. Our energy enhancement solutions put energy efficiency within reach for organizations of any size.

We can perform maintenance and quality control with tracking, and audits, to keep you compliant with LEED guidelines.

Energy Performance Contracting

Wanting to improve your facilities energy consumption, but having to work within tight budgets? An energy performance contract may be the ideal fit.

Energy performance contracting guarantees that improvements made to your building will deliver defined energy savings over time. If the improvements made do not meet our guaranteed savings, Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc. will pay you the difference between the actual savings and what we guaranteed.

With energy performance contracting, facility upgrades and retrofits are offset by the energy savings and operating cost reductions achieved, helping organizations such as educational facilities and governmental offices maintain cash flow.

Start Saving Right Away

Request a consult right away, set up a time for an energy audit and get on a program to save money on your energy bills now.

For more information on VDM’s Energy Audits, click here.

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