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Food Process Manufacturing
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Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc. has wide ranging experience and first hand understanding of the intricacies and unique requirements of the food and process manufacturing industries. No matter your needs, VDM offers comprehensive start-to-finish design/build services, in-house custom fabrication, specialty installations that include purified water systems, HDPE and stainless steel piping, as well as engineering help, equipment upgrades, maintenance programs, troubleshooting, repair, calibrations and monitoring.

Accuracy, dependability, and safety are of the utmost importance in the food and process manufacturing industry, and Van Dyken Mechanical complies with all standards including air flow and chemical requirements. We work with Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Maintenance Managers and other food and process manufacturing decision makers.



Our team consists of the most highly qualified specialists, including: Design Engineers, Application Engineers, Project Managers, Fabricators, Installers, Certified Welders, Temperature Control and Energy Management Engineers and Installers, Testing and Balancing Technicians, and Service Specialists. Additionally, our investment in the highest caliber equipment, training, and facilities, conveys our commitment to providing the best service and value for our clients. Our 6+ decades of experience and understanding of the design/build process and such factors as project complexity, scheduling, budget constraints, and staffing requirements help ensure the success of your project.

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