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Van Dyken Mechanical HVAC services are further ranging than the usual heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects. Many of our custom projects, which include industrial, pharmaceutical, food & process manufacturing, energy, geothermal, municipal, or landfill use, require the wide ranging and extreme capabilities offered by HDPE Piping.

VDM uses HDPE Pipe in many applications, such as specialty processes using chemicals, high and low temperature processes, and other extreme situations, as well as common uses like geothermal heat pump systems, radiant heat systems, and snow melt systems.

HDPE pipe is extremely economical, strong and durable, yet flexible and lightweight. The strength and flexibility make it suitable for use in earthquake-prone areas. HDPE has a zero leak rate, when fused together. HDPE is also inert, and a more environmentally sustainable option. It is non-toxic, non-tasting, corrosion and chemical resistant, long-lasting, and ideal for trenchless installation methods because of its flexibility.


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