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Indoor Air Quality
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Indoor Air Quality

Taking for granted the quality of the air in your building is easy to do until an issue arises that brings it to the forefront. In today's HVAC world, acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) encompasses much more than just providing a defined volume of outdoor air per person.

Modern facility owners and managers are concerned about not only providing acceptable indoor air quality, but also the proper documentation of IAQ. At Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc., we believe that the foundation of indoor air quality is laid with proper HVAC design, procurement, and installation and fostered by the proper operation and maintenance of equipment.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Temperature, humidity, particulate count, fresh air volume, air circulation, and odors are all variables of IAQ that Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc. can effectively measure, monitor, and control. No matter the purpose of your building or facility, effective IAQ management requires proper administration at both the equipment and control levels.

Our comprehensive, holistic approach to IAQ ensures that not only are problems with condensate, building sickness, and noise issues avoided, but also that a clean, healthy working environment is created for your employees.

Air Handling, Sensors, and Controls

Our HVAC engineers will design and select air handling equipment that maintains proper air movement and circulation, while being mindful of securing a controls solution that incorporates high quality sensors.  The controls solutions will continually monitor and report performance issues, providing timely, accurate feedback and documentation as to the health of the system.

Integration with building automation systems simplifies the task of system management and service and supports building environmental quality.

However specialized your facility may be, at Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc., we have the experience and expertise to ensure that all essential aspects of your system support internal and external IAQ specifications and documenting requirements.

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